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The Best Way To Clean And Restore Wood Floors

Dec 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

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Hardwood floors add beauty to your Lafayette, Louisiana home and also require effort and care to keep clean. There’s a debate about the best method to clean hardwood floor surfaces, so the pros at Chem-Dry are giving our professional advice for wood floor restoration and maintenance. 

Here are some tried and true tips for cleaning your hardwood floors

Routine Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Make sure you’re sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood floors each day and mopping them each week.

However, keep in mind that excess moisture can damage your hardwood floors, so use a damp mop instead of one that’s soaking wet. Also, work in one small area at a time to make sure water doesn’t sit on your hardwood floors for too long. Allow one section of your floors to dry before moving on to the next one. A spin mop is a great tool for mopping your hardwood floors this way. 

As for the cleaning solution, try mixing 4 cups of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. 

Tips And Things To Avoid

When in doubt, opt for plain soap and water on your floors rather than solutions filled with chemicals. The wood floor restoration pros at Chem-Dry can give you specific recommendations for what solutions will work best on your particular floors. 

Also keep in mind that the use of oils, furniture sprays, and waxes should be avoided on your hardwood floors. While these may seem like a good idea at first, they can leave a sticky residue behind and can be dangerous by making your floors too slippery. 

Wood Floor Restoration and Wood Floor Acrylic Coating Removal in Lafayette, Louisiana

When it comes to restoring vibrancy and beauty to your hardwood floors, you don’t have to take the task on yourself. Chem-Dry can help with our premier wood floor restoration service! Our team can safely yet powerfully bring new life to your hardwood floors. 

You’ll love the results we deliver, and how this service fits within your budget. 

Learn more about wood floor cleaning from Chem-Dry of Lafayette!

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