Whether you live with only your significant other, or you manage a busy household that’s full of children and pets, it’s not easy to keep your place clean.

You’re not alone.

how to create a family cleaning schedule It can feel like an insurmountable task.

There are beds that need to be made, floors that need to be mopped and dishes that need to be cleaned! You don’t need us to tell run through the list, you’re well aware.

So why are you doing all the work yourself?

Show your children to place some pride in their personal belongings and living space, and save yourself some time. You know, the whole “give a man a fish… teach a man how to fish” approach. Here’s how to do it in a few easy and simple steps—no ‘period of adjustment’ required. Give these tips a try, and you’ll notice immediate results:

Get Your Toddlers Involved (You Can Never Start Too Young)

A healthy home is a happy home, and a clean home is a healthy home.

It’s an ideal we should all shoot for – but when and where should you start to share the burden when it comes to cleaning?

Teach them while they’re young. You’ll be glad you did. When you have toddlers to clean up after, bedrooms can get messy and shared living spaces can look like a disaster.  You know what we’re talking about – do you have a toddler that’s overflowing with energy?

Great! Use it to your advantage!

Teach them to be responsible for one small chore, like tidying up their bed, picking up their toys after playtime, or anything else you can think of. Just implement a ‘one small chore’ rule on a daily basis. You will immediately notice the time that it saves you.

Create a System of Rewards

Your family will clean together, and they’ll stick together. They’ll learn how to work as a team towards a common goal, and they’ll make happy memories along the way!

No matter how old you are, everyone could use a reason to stay on track. That’s basic psychology.

Create a system to track progress and reward it. As your family can visually see what they’ve done, and what they need to do to be rewarded, they’ll give a more steady and consistent effort.

It doesn’t have take much. Head down to your local office supply store and buy some markers, stickers and a large sheet of cardboard or whiteboard. Make a list of the chores each week that you need done and assign each family member’s name to a few of those chores. Make sure to spread the responsibilities around in an age-appropriate manner. After all, you want each child to feel good about themselves, not frustrated because their assigned task is too difficult for them to complete.

Together as a family, come up with a reward for a week’s worth of accomplished chores. Daily rewards are too much, and less meaningful, and monthly rewards are too long-term for little ones to stick to.

Your reward can be anything, as long as it’s fun for everyone, and enough to motivate.

Would your kids like to head out to their favorite ice cream joint? Or, would everyone enjoy a round of miniature golf? What about a family movie night, either at home or in the theaters? Implement a reward that will motivate your family to do a great job taking care of their personal belongings, and the results will be more than just on the surface.

Leave it to the Professionals

There might be areas that you and your family don’t have the time/ability to take care of.

No worries. That’s the case for everyone.

You can still get those areas taken care of, though. Are you overdue for a professional cleaning? Chem-Dry of Acadiana understands your needs. As a trusted professional carpet cleaner, we can clean your carpets, rugs, tiles and furniture. We also specialize in removing stains and odors left by pets – again, we’re the professionals, so let us help you out by removing the stress and taking care of some of your bigger cleaning needs.