Professional Granite Countertop Cleaning and Sealing in Lafayette, LA

Make Your Granite Countertops Shine

Although granite countertops are recognized for their toughness, they still need routine attention and upkeep to maintain their appearance. One crucial step in caring for your granite countertops is to have them professionally cleaned regularly, as the initial sealant that comes with most granite countertops wears thin over time. This decay can result in the accumulation of harmful particles on the surface of your granite countertop.

Moreover, the presence of residue, dust, dirt, and water spots can significantly detract from the original beauty of granite. Consistent maintenance, cleaning, and resealing of granite countertops are essential for safeguarding them. With Chem-Dry of Acadiana’s granite countertop renewal services in Lafayette, LA, you can restore the splendid look of your granite countertops.

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Trust the Granite Cleaning and Sealing Professionals

Chem-Dry of Acadiana offers granite countertop renewal services performed by a team of skilled and well-informed technicians in Lafayette. Prior to initiating the cleaning process, our technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment and examination of your countertops. They will identify any problematic areas and guide you through the renewal technique. Once the cleaning is complete, our technicians may also share tips for maintaining the condition of your countertops.

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How Our Granite Cleaning and Sealing Process Works

Our granite countertop renewal service is designed to eliminate dirt and grime that accumulates on the porous surface of your granite. Our skilled technicians utilize secure cleaning solutions and powerful deep-cleaning equipment to eliminate dirt and residue buildup safely.

We take additional measures to safeguard your countertop by sealing its surface after cleaning, ensuring that it stays protected and in optimal condition for future use. This not only enhances the cleanliness and safety of your countertops, but it also restores the shine and luster of your granite.

Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Healthy for Your Family

Numerous products designed for renewing granite countertops can be found in the market for do-it-yourself use, but they may end up causing more harm than good. This is because most of these products, including those meant for use at home, consist of abrasive components that can harm the granite and leave its surface lacking. Fortunately, residents of Lafayette, LA, can rely on Chem-Dry of Acadiana’s granite countertop renewal service, which is both safe and effective for their countertops.

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