3 reasons to make upholstery cleaning a priority

Did you know that upholstery cleaning is often the most overlooked cleaning task in the home? This is especially unsettling if you consider how much time your family spends on your couch.

The importance of keeping up with professional upholstery cleaning in Lafayette, LA is clear. Here are some of the top reasons why.

Preserve your furniture and help it last longer.

Most people think about upholstery cleaning as a way to make their furniture look its best. While this is an important aspect of this service, an additional benefit is that removing dirt and dust can actually protect your furniture fibers.

This often means keeping your furniture clean long before it appears noticeably dirty. Doing so can add years to the life of your couch and other furniture.

Furniture impacts the health of your family.

The furniture and other soft furnishings in your home can actually have a significant impact on the health of your family. Nasty things like dirt, dust, and odors make their home in soft furniture fibers. These particles are easily transferred around your home and into the air you breathe. That’s why routine upholstery cleaning in Lafayette, LA is a must.

Upholstery cleaning in Lafayette, Louisiana

For clean upholstery and a healthy home, Chem-Dry of Acadiana is your trusted source throughout the Lafayette area. We’ll not only deliver results that far exceed your expectations but help make your home a cleaner, safer, greener place to be.

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