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Why Should You Have Your Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

May 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

rug being cleaned by Chem-Dry technology

At Chem-Dry of Acadiana, we understand the value and elegance an area rug adds to your home or business in Breaux Bridge, Broussard, Carencro, St. Martinville, or Youngsville. However, regular usage can embed dust and dander into its fibers, dulling its vibrant appearance and introducing unwanted odors into your space. Protecting the beauty and longevity of your rug necessitates regular professional cleaning services. Undertaking this task can prove challenging and risky, often resulting in more harm than good. Entrust your rug to the proficient team at Chem-Dry of Acadiana, the leaders in area rug cleaning services across Lafayette Parish and St. Martin Parish. 

Opt For Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning

Here are four compelling reasons why Chem-Dry of Acadiana should be your go-to choice for rug cleaning.

  1. Prevent Color Bleeding with Expert Care. The incorrect application of cleaning solutions can lead to disastrous color bleeding, ruining the exquisite patterns of your rug. Our seasoned technicians at Chem-Dry of Acadiana are proficient in recognizing various rug types and materials, including silk and wool. We are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply the right cleaning processes, preventing color bleeding and preserving the uniqueness of your rug. Whether it’s a hand-knotted masterpiece or a geometric patterned rug, trust our professionals to clean your rug safely and efficiently.
  2. Effective Stain and Odor Removal. Stains can significantly detract from your rug’s appeal. Our rug cleaning experts use cutting-edge techniques to lift stain-causing substances from the fibers and eradicate unsightly spots. From common culprits such as red wine, soil, nail polish, and lipstick to the more stubborn stains and odors from pet mishaps, we have a proven track record in renewing the look of your rug. Entrust us to restore the beauty of your rug and eliminate all stubborn stains and odors.
  3. Preserve and Extend Your Rug’s Lifespan. Your rug could be a treasured heirloom or a well-thought-out investment. Protecting its lifespan allows future generations to appreciate its value and beauty. Professional cleaning services from Chem-Dry of Acadiana can shield your rug from irreversible damage caused by accumulated dirt and dust wearing down its delicate fibers. We recommend a professional deep clean at least once a year to maintain its integrity and preserve its vibrancy. With our professional help, you can ensure proper care and longevity for your valuable rug.
  4. Experience Peace of Mind with Professional Service. DIY rug cleaning can result in stress, additional costs, and potentially disastrous outcomes. Instead of resorting to unreliable hacks or store-bought cleaners that may damage your rug, trust our professionals at Chem-Dry of Acadiana. We conduct a comprehensive in-home analysis of your rug to ascertain the most suitable cleaning process. Depending on the rug type and the extent of soil accumulation, we may suggest an off-site rug bath or an in-home treatment. With us, your rug will receive safe and effective cleaning, alleviating your worries and saving you time and effort.

Trust Chem-Dry of Acadiana for Comprehensive Rug Cleaning Services

For a comprehensive rug cleaning service that offers peace of mind, extends the life of your rug, and restores its appearance, rely on the professionals at Chem-Dry of Acadiana. Read what others say about our cleaning services and what makes us the leading rug cleaner in the area! Contact us today at (337) 233-9444 to discuss your rug cleaning needs with our experts in Lafayette Parish and St. Martin Parish.

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