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Why You Should Try Our New Wood Floor Cleaning Service!

May 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

boy playing with toys on wood floor
living room with wood floor in lafayette home

We pride ourselves in serving the Lafayette, Louisiana community—not just by helping your homes look their best, but by innovating to provide solutions that make your home healthier, too.

This was the purpose behind the development of our premier wood floor cleaning service, and we can’t wait to finally unveil the solutions it can provide in your home.

Unique Benefits Of Chem-Dry Wood Floor Cleaning

When you think of wood floor care, you probably consider the traditional mop. While it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance for your wood floors, there’s actually another important piece you could be missing.

Chem-Dry starts by removing any existing acrylic coating or polish from your wood floors so the dirt beneath can be accessed and extracted. Next, we use our non-toxic cleaning solution to clean your wood floors. This product is tough on stains and dust, yet safe for your family and pets.

Finally, our goal is to leave your floors protected and more stain-resistant than we found them. That’s why we finish by adding a protective barrier to your floors with our special wood floor polish. This shields your floors from future scratches and stains, then leaves them glowing with a shine.

Wood Floor Cleaning In Lafayette, Louisiana

You can always trust Chem-Dry of Acadiana to not only help your hardwood floors will look rejuvenated and beautiful, but also be their best by becoming dirt and dust-free. The entire atmosphere of your home can be changed with a call to Chem-Dry of Acadiana. 

We look forward to serving you even more throughout the Lafayette area with our new wood floor care service.

Ready to get started? Request an appointment today!

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